Our programs help dancers to successfully transition into post-performance careers. As a nonprofit arts service organization, we strive to provide comprehensive services that empower dancers to reach their unique potential.

From pre-professional to mid-career and mature dancers, our programs help dancers in every stage of their career. Our programs can be grouped into three categories: Career counseling, financial assistance, and informational resources. All programs are provided free of charge.

Workshops and Career Events: By city >
Find and RSVP to events in your area in our schedule.

Career Counseling: Vital dialogue >
Providing career counseling is at the heart of the organization's mission. We help dancers with the process of self-evaluation, guide their discovery of practical options, and motivate them to achieve their long-term goals. Created to provide dancers with an open-ended dialogue, career counseling helps define dancers' interests and skills.

Career Transition For Dancers offers individual counseling and group counseling that introduces dancers to useful skills and topics. We also have outreach projects on local and national levels to engage the most dancers possible.

National and Local Outreach Projects: Beyond our offices >
Our Outreach Projects have a lasting impact on dancers. We take our career counseling services on the road to reach dancers who are unable to travel to our New York City, Los Angeles, or Chicago offices.

Scholarships and grants: Financial assistance >
Career Transition For Dancers is the only organization in the nation that provides financial assistance specifically to help dancers transition into new careers. The Caroline H. Newhouse Scholarship Fund provides scholarships or grants to start academic or retraining programs, and provides start-up capital for a new business. The Sono Osato Scholarship Program for Graduate Studies provides scholarships for graduate degrees in fields other than dance.