About Career Transition For Dancers. We believe in the potential of dancers. We are committed to providing the experience, insight and resources dancers need to define their career possibilities and develop rewarding post-performance careers.

Dancers possess unique skills and unrivaled dedication. Their passion for discovery, innovation and expression is an exceptional strength. In everything we do, we celebrate dancers' unique potential and empower them to continue to affect our world in positive ways.

Our mission: Your future
Career Transition For Dancers is a nonprofit organization that enables dancers to define their career possibilities and develop the skills necessary to excel in a variety of disciplines.

Our organization: Merging with The Actors Fund
We were founded in 1985 as a visionary initiative of The Actors Fund. Merging back will help us expand our offerings and reach. Read the announcement.

Our commitment: Your potential
We are supportive, perceptive and resourceful. We believe that strong relationships are built on understanding and that dancers' needs should always come first. Our insightful career counselors focus on dancers' individual needs, and our programs are designed to provide long-term support. Since 1985, we have helped thousands of dancers cultivate their unique abilities and express their potential both on and off the stage.

Making a difference: Reaching dancers across the country
With offices in New York City, Los Angeles, Chicago and a mobile National Outreach Project, we have provided over 62,000 hours of individual and group career counseling, with a dollar value of over $8 million, and awarded $5 million in educational and entrepreneurial support. Outside of the organization's 6,400 active clients, we have helped thousands of dancers take their first steps in discovering rewarding second careers.

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Our history: We've come a long way >
We've come a very long way and in that time we've made a difference in the lives of thousands of dancers. Learn about our first days, find out how our organization and its programs have developed, and read brief portraits of the individuals who helped us, and shaped our growth.

Our supporters: Official register of donors
Donations made by individuals amount to nearly 70% of our annual budget. The commitment of our supporters is directly tied to our ability to empower dancers, and we have the deepest gratitude for this support. Donate now to help us reach even more dancers.

Our team: Dedicated to you >
Learn about the team behind Career Transition For Dancers and contact us with your questions and feedback. We want to hear from you.

Caroline Newhouse: The legacy of our honored patron >
Director Emerita Caroline H. Newhouse (1910-2003), established The Caroline H. Newhouse Scholarship Fund as well as The Caroline & Theodore Newhouse Center for Dancers. But that's only the beginning. Read her biography to find out how her legacy continues to help dancers nationwide.

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